I am a university lecturer at the University of Bremen. My teaching and research focuses on the theory and analysis of literature, film and theatre for children and young adults, with a particular focus on intermedial and transmedial strategies of storytelling in contemporary digital culture. I have co-founded, a website dedicated to interdisciplinary research on literature, films, and picture books for children and young adults, and serve as a co-editor of the book series Kinder- und Jugendliteratur Intermedial. My most recent book publication is Kinder- und Jugendfilmanalyse (with Tobias Kurwinkel).

Another part of my academic life is lived as a film philosopher in film-philosophical publications that explore the intricate entanglement between philosophical thought and its expression in (mainstream) cinema. My book Skepticism Films. Knowing and Doubting the World in Contemporary Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2015) introduces “Skepticism Films” as a major group of films with a philosophical twist, which not only popularize the philosophical idea that in fundamental respects we may not know what we believe to know about our world, but also contribute to a better philosophical understanding of this idea.

I spent my formative student years at the University of Göttingen, at the Sapienza University of Rome, and at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I came in close contact with analytic philosophy (particularly epistemology and the philosophy of language), film theory and film analysis. Armed with the idea of exploring the mutual influence between film and philosophy through the lens of skepticism films, I went on to write my PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam. Along the way I discovered children’s media research as another highly fascinating yet still surprisingly unexplored area, which has led to a number of teaching and research projects as well as the publications mentioned above.

I am a member of the Bremer Institut für Bilderbuchforschung (BIBF), Bremer Institut für transmediale Textualitätsforschung (BITT), Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft (GfM), Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendliteraturforschung (GKJF), European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS), and of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS),

Outside of academia, I have worked as an analyst, editor, translator and writer for several media analysis companies, online news sites and documentary film production companies.


Current position (since 2013)
University lecturer at the University of Bremen, Faculty 10: Linguistics and Literary Studies, German Studies Department, research unit for children’s media

since 2017
Adjunct lecturer, Goethe University Frankfurt, Institut für Jugendbuchforschung

Adjunct lecturer, Ludwigsburg University of Education, Institut für Sprachen

since 2014
Adjunct lecturer, University of Erfurt, Communication Studies Department

Associate Junior Fellow, Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg (HWK), Delmenhorst for a project on fear and self-empowerment in children’s film

Adjunct lecturer, University of Amsterdam, Department of Philosophy

PhD degree, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), with highest honours. Thesis: “Skepticism Films. Knowing and Doubting the World in Contemporary Cinema”

PhD fellowship at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam

Co-director of various research and teaching projects on the intermediality of children’s literature, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf

Since 2007
Freelance online editor and researcher for various media companies

University of Amsterdam. MA programme in Media and Culture (Film Studies), with highest honours

Adjunct lecturer at Georg August University of Göttingen, Center for Interdisciplinary Media Studies

Adjunct lecturer at the Department of German Languages and Literature, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf

University of California, Santa Barbara. Visiting graduate student, Department of Film and Media Studies, Department of Philosophy

Georg August University of Göttingen and Sapienza University of Rome. M.A. programme in Philosophy, Media and Communication Studies, Ancient History